Monday, April 16, 2007


Churro is a fried dough pastry based snack originated in Spain. It is called churro due to its similarity to shape of the horns of Churro, one of the breed sheep reared in the Spanish grassland. It often sold as street snack and served as breakfast in Spain.
In my house, I call it 'reluctant' snack because I never deliberately make churros. I only make them when I got small portion of leftover choux pastry dough I'm too lazy to bake. I thought, why waste more electricity with my big-consuming-electricity oven :)), so I just grab a star tip and form the dough right in the fry pan.

Sieve icing sugar all over fried churros and a bit of cinnamon -heck yes I am a big fan of this spice-. With that you already have a sumptuous snack. Light airy fried pastry with sugar and cinnamon dusting. But if you have more time and have a stock of cooking chocolate in the fridge, melt some and just dunk the churro in it. Gosh, why do I want churros now, in the middle of the night?

The recipe, umm, I usually use my usual choux recipe. I think any choux recipe will do (too lazy to type one).


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hai sitta....salam kenal juga yaaa..aku link yaaa food blognya....waah, sitta keren abis dehhh kue2nyaa....mau ah belajr ama sitta....

kip in touch yaaa:)

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