Friday, March 30, 2007

Bubur Biji Salak (Sweet Potato Porridge)

Making this dessert brings my childhood memories. I used to help shaped the sweet potato --mouth-watered,still fasting-- during fasting month afternoon. It was not that fun, as far as I recall, because I got my palms all sticky after that. But imagining what it would be like after it is done really helped the process.

After having some sips of warm sweet tea, this is definitely my favourite break-fast dish!

Bubur Biji Salak (resep Yasaboga)

1 kg sweet potatoes, steamed, peeled, and divided into 4 parts
125 tapioca/sago flour

1/2 tsp salt

900ml water

200 gr brown sugar/gula jawa/melaka

2 tbsp granulated sugar

3 pandan leaves

1 tbsp tapioca flour diluted with a little water

For the coconut milk sauce

350 cc thick coconut milk

1/2 tsp salt

1 pandan leaf


Take 3/4 part of sweet potatoes, mix with tapioca flour and salt, knead until even and form into oblong pellets.

Boil water, and gula jawa/melaka and granulated sugar and pandan leaves, put in pellets and cook until they float. Add the remaining 1/4 part mashed sweet potatoes and tapioca flour and stir.

Remove from heat, serve in bowls and pour thick coconut milk sauce on top.

Coconut milk sauce: cook coconut milk with salt and pandan leaf, stirring on low heat untul the mixture boils.


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